Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fashion Final

I finally had a chance to use all of my newly acquired and old skills in Intro to Fashion class. I had to create a conceptual 3D garment based off of my research, and 40% of it had to be made out of eyewear or lenses.
I came up with a concept of journey of the man through the sea. It was inspired by the novels of Ernest Hemmingway and J.London. The jacket is made out of duck canvas which was used to make sails back in the day and the pants are made out of raw silk to remind of the ocean. I also wanted to put the emphasis on the journey and how it makes a sailor out a regular man. Sailors are known to work a lot with their hands, backs, torso, elbows , shoulders, and knees. To emphasize that I embellished those areas with the lenses. I alcohol ink washed each lens and sewed them on one by one.  All in all I am pretty satisfied with the project, my classmates seemed to like it a lot. Of course as an artist I would still work on it more to perfect it.
Wonderful photography is by Christina Erb, who is a photography major and a good friend of mine here at SCAD. Model is Parker Barr also a very good friend of mine. I am very grateful for their help on this project!